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Easy Ceviche Recipe – Video

I found this to be particularly easy even though it’s a little dry for my taste, maybe I would add a couple of oranges to it and one more lemon. Making ceviche sounds kind of hard at first, but once you get the “taste” down, you can experiment and make the appetizer very quickly and impress your friends!

June 19, 2008   No Comments

Dairy Free

Hi all,

After doing a bit of thinking, I came to the conclusion that ceviche isn’t only easy to make and healthy, it’s also dairy free! I know lactose intolerance can be a big deal to people, so I was pleased when I realized this. It gives me something else to brag about when telling people about my favorite dish!

I also found this site – Dairy Free Recipes to have some really tasty things to choose from as well. Check it out!

June 8, 2008   No Comments